My Second Trip to Japan, October/November 1998


Trip Summary (11/1-11/2):
Click on the image for Formula One race coverage
Suzuka Circuit is a combination of international class race course, amusement park,
and resort hotel. I guess while the husband is watching the race, the wife can relax
in the resort and the kids can have fun in the amusement park! Click on the image for
the Formula One World Championship race coverage.

Click on the image for more Shinkansens
Here's a first generation bullet train, or Shinkansen. While the train in
the photo is only 6 cars long, typical Shinkansens are 16 cars long. Its
top speed is 280-300 km/h (175-186 mph) but usually it cruises at
200-250 km/h (125-150 mph) which is still significantly faster than
automotive travel. As a foreign tourist, we were eligible for the Japan
Rail Pass which allowed us unlimited travel on the Shinkansen.

Click to see Bruce's 1951 Chevy
The first ever atomic bomb was detonated ~2000 feet directly above this building
on August 6, 1945. The B-29 bomber
Enola Gay deliberately targeted this,
the former Hiroshima Industrial Promotion Hall. That's Bruce and Debbie standing
in front of the Dome. For some reason, there was an eery silence around the area...

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